Anna Grau

Anna Grau

"This exclusion of the outsider runs through the whole history of our culture. Exclusion of a fear-inducing feminine element is always present.“ (Christa Wolf, author, from an interview to 'Medea. Stimmen’).
"Above all, this includes the figure of Lilith, Adam's first wife, who is virtually excluded from the biblical tradition as she was not only equal to Adam, but superior, yet she played an important role in the ancient Sumerian and Jewish traditions.“ (Quoted from Andreas Weber, "Fairy spot: Medea - A look back to the front!", Laudation)

The idea for the "Unleash Lilith!" cycle originated in desire to rethink and visualise in symbolic and contemporary terms the "fear-inducing feminine element" found in a woman.
I believe it is women who carry this fear-inducing feminine element, and it is epitomised in the image of protohistorical Lilith. She resonates being the originator of unrest, a woman who is a disobedient, provocative, dissenting, emancipated, androgynous, repulsive yet appealing at the same time.

My goal is to create a series of emotionally expressive women's portrayals. In one aspect they present a new, marginalised, provocative expression of femininity, revealing women in all their beauty and otherness, while their other aspect is manifested through use of various symbolic elements. Some of these come from the nature, such as wolf, spider, and flowers; other are explicit inscriptions on women's skin which sound somewhat pagan, such as "God does not exist" written in Russian on Lilith.3; a female slug of a dominatrix which looks oversized in perspective is a symbolic representation of an ’uberwoman’; the long hair of Lilith.9 are reminiscent of tree roots or snakes; another element seen in a painting hint on women in love with each other; a portrayal of a transgender person as Lilith.12.

This symbiosis between a female body and symbols reveals a new dimension to interpret meanings that are almost mystical. Nature in its origin is seen deeply interwoven with the feminine element. A woman is the origin of everything and she is nature herself, the mother of all things living, or perhaps a witch.

My intent as a painter to raise these deeply philosophical questions through the dubious interplay between the “good and evil” taking place on the female body. I play up this contrast on canvas and the resulting tension appears to reach deep into the subconscious. Every painting is a symbiotically connected antithesis of the first mother and a witch, beauty and ugliness, irritation and admiration, good and evil, light and shadow.
I present women in an emotionally exaggerated way and save them in a fixed visual form.

The "Unleash Lilith!" cycle is a study of nature which is specifically female, and at least a part of it relates to a modern woman. I aim to revive the archaic sacral element of life's origins found in every woman. In this context she is more reminiscent of a pagan goddess than of Madonna with the Child, and this unorthodox vision is expressed it in a new, contemporary form.

Every painting is enhanced by profoundly powerful symbolic elements and is meant to reveal a deep connection to nature and to show a woman the stage of life herself, the symbol of origins of all things living.


1980 Born in Moscow
1981-1995 Lived in Saint Petersburg
1990-1994 Art school, Saint Petersburg
1995 Moved to Berlin as Russian German
1998-2001 Private tutoring in various arts and painting techniques at Art Studio "Posin", Berlin
2001-2007 Studies at Weissensee Academy of Art, Berlin
Since 2008 Freelance paintress

2015 The Thousand Faces of Gold Margo


2019 Art Award Grossenhain City Festival, 3rd price
2018 Heise Art Award, Dessau
2016 22nd Andreas Art Award, "nature-human", Sankt Andreasberg
2015 26th Eisenturm Art Award, "collapse of the modern?", Mainz
2012 Audience Award 2012, "nature-human", Sankt Andreasberg

30.05-16.06.2019 group exhibition, Kulturhaus Mestlin, Mestlin
2019 group exhibition, the winner of 3rd Art Award as part of the city festival, Grossenhain
2019 »on the way..wherever«, group exhibition, shortlisted for the Art Award Sparkasse-Karlsruhe
2018 »time.less!«, group exhibition, winner of Heise Art Award, Dessau
2018 »the out of the joints«, group exhibition, shortlisted for the Art Award Sparkasse-Karlsruhe
2017 group exhibition, Stiftung Starke, Berlin
2017 »human-nature«, group exhibition, Rathaus Scheune, Sankt Andreasberg
2017 NordArt 2017, International Art Exhibition, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf
2017 »head movie«, group exhibition, Dessau
2017 »murder in the museum«, group exhibition, Karlsruhe
2016 »nature-human«, group exhibition, winner of the 22. Andreas Art Award, Rathaus-Scheune, Sankt Andreasberg
2016 international group exhibition, artgeschoß-project, Welfenakademie, Braunschweig
2016 »Desire«, group exhibition, Dessau
2016 group exhibition, LemoArt Gallery, Berlin
2016 »Beauty«, group exhibition, Vinogradov Gallery, Berlin
2015 »Collapse of the modern?«, group exhibition, winner of the 1st place at the 26. Eisenturm Art Award, Kunstverein Eisenturm, Mainz
2015 »Eva in the City«, solo exhibition, Gallery Uhrwerk, Berlin
2015 group exhibition, LemoArt Gallery, Berlin
2015 »Berliner Kind-(Aus)leben eines Traums«, group exhibition, art house Acud, Berlin
2015 Russian Contemporary Art Week, group exhibition, The Ballery Gallery, Berlin
2015 group exhibition, LemoArt Gallery, Berlin
2014 »Vary, modify«, group exhibition, shortlisted for the 28. Art Award of the foundation Kreissparkasse Esslingen-Nürtingen, Kirchheim
2014 »Mix it«, group exhibition, Gallery Wedding, Berlin
2013 »Nature-Human«, group exhibition, shortlisted for the Andreas Kunstpreis 2013, winner of Audience Award, Rathaus-Scheune, Sankt Andreasberg
2013 »Wedding-Kunst pur!«, group exhibition, Gallery Wedding, Berlin
2013 »Another side of Russian Berlin«, group exhibition, Russisches Haus, Berlin
2012 »Portraits«, solo exhibition, Kunstscheune, Landshut
2011 »Faces«, group exhibition, shortlisted for Lucas-Kranach Art Award 2011, Kronach-Stadt
2011 »Communicating«, solo exhibition, Studio 54/Tacheles, Berlin
2010 »48 hours Neuköln«, group exhibition, Neukölner Kunstsalon, Berlin
2010 »Eva in the City«, solo exhibition, Autorenschule, Berlin
2009 group exhibition, Tacheles, Berlin
2008 »Good Amerika - bad Amerika«, group exhibition, shortlisted for Leonardo Art Award 2008, Galerie Noah, Augsburg
2008 »Exhibition 38«, group exhibition, Vinogradov Gallery, Berlin
2007 group exhibition, Kunstsalon »D21«, Leipzig
2006 »Expressions«, solo exhibition, Kunstsalon Posin, Berlin
2005 solo exhibition, Gallery one-hour, Berlin
2004 »Expressions«, solo exhibition, Haus der Sinne, Berlin



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